Vargashinsky Plant PPSO, OJSC

Changed 04.03.2016

Contact details of the company executives

Title Name (first, last, middle) Phone, city code E-mail
Chief executive General Director Vladimir Kazakov (35233) 2-10-09
Customer relations Director of Sales Department Tatiana Petrova (35233) 2-15-26
Technical executive Chief Engineer Evgeny Emelyanov (35233) 2-10-09
Head of foreign economic relations Deputy General Director for Commercial Matter Mikhail Sochnev (35233) 2-10-60
Quality assurance executiveа Director of Standardization, Certification and Licensing Department Olga Popova (35233) 2-02-73
English-speaking employee English-speaking Marketing Manager Irina Vedeneva (35233) 2-10-60
(35233) 2-18-77

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