Krasny proletary, OJSC

Changed 04.02.2016

Contact details of the company executives

Title Name (first, last, middle) Phone, city code E-mail
Chief executive Director general Sharipov Ilgiz (3473) 25-29-86
Customer relations Head of marketing department Meshalkina Ljudmila (3473) 26-60-41
Technical executive Chief designer Dyakonov Andrey (3473) 26-96-30
Head of foreign economic relations Commercial director Sharipov Marcel (3473) 25-29-86
Quality assurance executive Head of OTK Gambarov Radij (3473) 26-41-47
Safety executive Head of labor safety department Khakimova Rima (3473) 26-37-20
Supply Head of S Kontorshchikov Anatoly (3473) 26-60-75
English-speaking employee Specialist on VED Hairetdinov Nail (3473) 25-30-17

Oil and Gas Industry Supplier Base