Kazanskoye Motor Manufacturing Company (KMPO), OJSC

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General information about the company

Legal company name Kazanskoye Motor Manufacturing Company, Open Joint Stock Company
Abbreviated company name Kazanskoye Motor Manufacturing Company (KMPO), OJSC
Postal address 1 Dementieva Street, Kazan 420036, Russia
Phone number +7 (843) 571-94-01
Fax number +7 (843) 571-93-63
Web site http://www.kmpo.ru
Total number of employees 8000
Date of foundation 1931

Company history and overview of business

Founded in 1931, OJSC “Kazanskoye Motor Manufacturing Company” if a major machine building company with advanced engineering and research capabilities based on high technologies of the aircraft engine industry. With its 75 year experience, the company has made a substantial contribution in development of the country’s aircraft industry.
The company currently provides repair of engines NK-8-2U and NK-86 for Tu-154Б and Il-86 aircraft.
For many years the company has maintained close ties with OJSC Gazprom supplying power drives NK-16ST and NK-16-18ST for gas compressor plants. The company has launched manufacturing of a new product – high efficiency and reliability gas turbine drive NK-38ST.
The company’s gas compressor plant GPA-16 “Volga” accommodates all advanced technical solutions.
The company offers automatic gas distribution stations “Istok” with capacity of 5000 through 300000 nm3/hour. The station is equipped with an automatic control system and a two-step protection system.
The company launched large scale production of automatic transmissions for town-service buses under the license of the German company Feut; gas turbine used as a drive for the power generator of the 9MW gas turbine plant GT-009.
The company designs and manufactures 18 MW gas turbine power plants GTEU-18.

Production equipment and facilities. Grounds for possession: ownership, leasehold, etc.

Today, OJSC “KMPO” operates a large equipment fleet including foundry equipment, press-forging plants, metal processing equipment, welding equipment, heat treatment machinery, electrochemical equipment and tools that are 100% company owned.

Research and technical, design and technological departments of the company

Information on the company was not provided

Branches and representations

Zelenodolsky Engine Works (ZMZ), LLC Buinsky Engine Works (BMZ), Moscow representative office

Certified quality and HSE management systems (certification date and certification body)

The certificate of conformity of quality management ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of oil and gas equipment compressor and pumping stations, installations and units on the transportation of gas. Registration number RU.IS60.K00092 ROSS on March 31, 2009. Gosstandart of Russia.
Certificate of quality management system requirements of GOST RV 15.002-2003 and GOST R ISO 9001-2001 on the manufacture, repair and maintenance products in accordance with the code ETUC: 2840. Registration number BP 02.1.2367-2009 on April 7, 2009. The system of voluntary certification of "Military Register".

Licenses to engage in licensable business activities. License name, license number, validity period and licensing authority

License № 4957-A-AT-II to carry out the production of aircraft, including aircraft dual-April 20, 2007. Series number 004 203.
License № 4958-A-AT-PM for the implementation of repair of aviation equipment, including dual-use technology from April 20, 2007. Series number 004 204.

Equipment and facilities the company can offer for rent and JV establishment to its partners including overseas ones. Benefits of doing business with the company

Information on the company was not provided

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