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System of material maintenance

The Procurement and Capital Construction Directorate of Gazprom neft, PJSC is in charge of procuring materials and equipment for the company.

General Director of Gazprom neft, PJSC Dyukov Aleksander Valeryevich
3-5, Pochtamptskaya str., Saint-Petersburg, 190000 
Phone number: (812) 363-31-52; fax number: (812) 363-31-51 
Official website:

Tenders for supply of materials
enders for provision of works and services
Competitive tendering results  

Organizational chart of the Department for procurement of materials and equipment
Gazprom neft, PJSC is one of the largest vertically integrated Russian companies. Efficiency, cooperation and responsibility are the company's key operating principles. Procurement is a pivot in the company's development. Procurement for Gazprom neft, PJSC is made through various competitive means where competitive bidding plays a leading part.
Bidding is regarded at Gazprom neft, PJSC as a system consisting of the following elements: 
   -standards and regulations; 
   -best practices; 
   -monitoring system; 
   -information system. 
The purpose of the system is to find viable, open, fair and competition-based procurement solutions.
the main means of procurement is an open competitive tender, other means being applied on limited occasions. The aim is to achieve higher transparency and openness of the means to purchase goos, works and services. 
Standard form: Supply contract 
Standard form: Supply contract addendum (Specifications) 
Specification condition list  
List of purchased imported equipment
Corporate packaged equipment painting requirements

Tenders for supply of materials and equipment
Tenders for provision of works and services
Competitive tendering results  

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