System of material maintenance

Department of the shop floor logistics is in charge of supplies of material-technical resources for OJSC NGC "Slavneft".

President OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" Mikhail Leonidovitch Osipov  
125047, Moscow, 4th Lesnoy pereulok., h. 4
Phones: (495) 787-82-54; fax: (495) 777-73-87
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 Advice note of competitive bidding

Preliminary assessment
Realization of non-liquid and unclaimed liquid assets  

OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" aims at provision of openness and transparency in the procurement process, extension of the list of the bidders, quality improvement of the acquired goods and services. To achieve such purposes there is a procurement provision system in the Company which means the choice of suppliers via different competitive technologies.
The choice of goods/services is carried out by OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" on the basis of the open or closed bidding, tenders with the preliminary assessment, market survey price samples. There is a verified centralized control system of the supplier enquiries in the company, various ways of the delivery payment, including factoring.

A standard form of the Supply Agreement and its Appendices
We attach a file with the zip archive: A standard form with modifications and its appendices (from the site Slavneft)

Data on the procurement procedures of goods/ works/services are being posted on site of the Company in the corresponding sections. Besides, open tender notices shall be posted on site of the Union of manufacturers of the oil&gas equipment.
Partnership proposals shall be sent to the following e-mail:   . Main features of the material-technical resources to be offered and contact details shall be indicated in the letter. Subject of the letter should refer to the title of the goods to be procured.
The preliminary assessment is obligatory for the bidders willing to participate either in the closed or the opened procedures (tenders and contests) of the goods and services procurement for the needs of OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" and its subsidiary companies (OJSC "Slavneft-Megionneftegaz", OJSC "Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsynthesis", LLC "Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz", LLC "Baykitskaya neftegazorazvedochnaya expeditsiya").

One should address either to the Tendering Authority of the OJSC "NGC "Slavneft", or to the Tendering Authorities of the corresponding associations to get an invitation in the preliminary assessment and also to ask other questions related with the competitive procurement processes.

OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" carries out the preliminary assessment due to the following equipment rating:
- pipes and fittings;
- materials of the shop floor production (chemical agents, catalysts, additive compounds);
- oilfield equipment;
- petrochemical equipment;
- electrical facilities;
- modular equipment packages;
- pump-compressor equipment;
- drilling equipment;
- locking fittings, incl. metal bushing;
- laboratory engineering.
To participate in the preliminary assessment one should arrange and submit it to the following mail:   .
The tendering committees of the subsidiary companies carry out the preliminary assessments for the supplies of the oil, transport, financial and similar services.
List of suppliers of the OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" gone through the preliminary assessment can be found in the attachment. (see the note. Cannot be opened in a new window)
We would inform You of the fact starting from 2013 OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" ceases the procedures of the preliminary assessment, centralized control of the procurement of Inventories and services for the subsidiary companies. These procedures shall be carried out by the companies of shareholders of OJSC "NGC "Slavneft" – TNC-ВР and OJSC "Gazprom neft", also subsidiaries.

Coordinators of the Tendering committees:
The Tendering committee of OJSC "NGC "Slavneft"
Phone: (495) 787-82-54; fax: (495) 777-73-87
Phone: (495) 777-74-03 (accrediting issues)
  (note, one address)

The Tendering committee of OJSC "Slavneft-Megionneftegaz"
Phone: (34643) 46-275, 46-683, 46-051; fax: (34643) 46-147

The Tendering committee of OJSC "Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsynthesis"
Phone: (4852) 49-94-30; Fax: (4852) 49-89-38

The Tendering committee LLC "Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz"
Phone: (391) 231-92-13; fax: (391) 231-92-01

The Tendering committee LLC "Baykitskaya NGRE"
Phone: (391) 274-86-84, 274-86-99, ext. 2021

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