Siberian Service Company (SSK), JSC

Changed 09.03.2016

Contact details of the company executives

Title Name (first, last, middle) Phone, city code E-mail
Chief executive General director Vladimir Shesterikov +7 (495) 225-75-95
Customer relations Deputy marketing director Evgeny Maevsky +7 (495) 225-75-95
English-speaking employee Leading marketing specialist Svetlana Muftakhova +7 (495) 225-75-95
Head of foreign economic relations Marketing director Alexey Kanashuk +7(495) 225-75-95
Quality assurance executive Operations director Valery Rogozhkin +7 (495) 225-75-95
Safety executive HSE Chief specialist Anatoly Kibirev +7 (3461) 26-53-05

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