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A special vehicle for wells research LS-07 - Provided services, delivered production

A special vehicle for wells research LS-07

A vehicle aims at carrying out hydrodynamic well study via tools dropping on the rod.

According to oil and gas industry safety rules and regulations PB 08-624-03 the main is the hydraulic drive.
Advantages of a hydraulic drive :
- Easy to steer, engine preserving and executive bodies from overload;
- A wide range of infinitely variable speed control of a winding barrel, response rate
- Reliable lubrication of wearing surfaces,
- A high rate of efficiency.

Technical performance

Assembling basement

Chassis of a vehicle GAZ-33081

Take off power, Wt, not more


Depth of service, m, by the wire diameter of 1,8 mm / 2,2 mm

3000 / 2200

Rated traction power (at the average diameter of the drum coiling), N (kgs)

1,6 (160)

Derrick drive

From the motor

Gear ratio of a derrick


Motor type

Non adjustable axle-piston


Hydraulic from the pump

Pump type

Non adjustable axle-piston

Certificate of a compliance:
ROSS RU.V34.00203.

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