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Screw oil filled compressor plants - Provided services, delivered production

Screw oil filled compressor plants

Field of application
- Gas handling
- Oil refinery and petro chemistry
- Gas processing and LNG production
- Chemical industry
- Energetics

Primary advantages of a product

  • Rotor availability with the high efficiency profile and optimal correlation of the teeth number
  • Application of the compressor spares (bearings, single seal grummet, etc. ..) and units (coarse and fine filters, separators, filter coalescers, etc.) of the leading global producers
  • Availability of the thrifty spool- type power regulator
  • Application of the separate system of the bearing, grummet, injection system lubrication provides compression of the  corrosive gases
  • Low discharge temperature (not more than 110 °) at the high compression degree (up to 15-17)
  • Low rotation frequency (mostly 3000 r/min) correlates with the lower noise level
  • Containerized modules of the compressor plants reduces the commissioning duration.  

Product specification table  


from 4 to 110 m3/min

Final pressure

to 5 MPa

Drive power

to 1 600 W

Compressed gas

Associated oil, fuel, technological hydro carbonaceous, flare, coke,


 Who has the proprietary rights for the goods (own patent, a Russian proprietor, a foreign proprietor)?

 Patents of CJSC «NIIturbocompressor named after V.B. Shneppa»

Since when has the production started? Since 1973.

 Principal consumers: oil-and-gas refineries, TPP

Availability of certificates, diplomas, etc.

Compressor plant 64.09 4 4 42 in the rating among the industrial goods of the competition «The best goods and services of the Republic of Tatarstan» was given a rewarding diploma of the Laureate of the 1 st grade (2010).

Compressor plant 77.3-23 1 in the rating among the industrial goods of the competition «The best 100 goods of Russia» was given a rewarding diploma of the Laureate (2015).



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