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Electric pump units - Provided services, delivered production

Electric pump units

Field of application

Air-proof electric driven pumps with the magnetic clutch are applied to transit hydrocarbons, neutral, aggressive, toxic and explosion and fire hazardous liquids under stationary conditions, pairs of which can make explosive mixtures with air. Electric pump packages are applied on the oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, on gas converter plants, etc.

Major advantage of a product  

- Magnetic couplings, transmitting torque from the electric motor directly to the pump rotating group affected by the magnetic field. Magnetic field is generated by the hard-coercively permanent magnets of the rare-earth alloys based on Sm-Co. magnets are placed on the external (drive) and on the internal (driven) half- sleeve. In the air gap between the half- sleeves there is a baffle board (a display) that provides high vacuum rating of a pump.
- Wear resistant friction bearing of silicon carbide greased and cooled by the fluid conveyed.
-  High vacuum rating, simple and compact design of a pump, without end seals, without lubrication systems and barrier fluid supply to gaskets.
-There is no demand for the maintenance staff available next to the operating water proof pump.
- The pump is practically not subject to the mechanical wear due to the lack of contact gaskets and mechanical contacts between the external and the internal half sleeves of the magnetic half clutch.

Whose property is it? (Is it a proper patent, a Russian right-holder, a foreign right-holder) who does the proprietary right for the product belong to?

Own production with the Technical Requirements.  

Since when has the product been launched?  Since 2001.

Primary consumers of a product

The turned out equipment is applied on the companies:
- Oil development;
- Oil refinery;
- Petrochemicals

Certificates, diplomas available, etc.

Equipment produced by OJSC «Penzcompressormash» has been given multiple awards and diplomas on the Russian and international exhibitions.

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