Uraltrubostal, TD, CJSC

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Operation as oil and gas industry supplier

Date of commencement of operation as a supplier of the oil and gas industry

05 November 2004

Main types of products (services) for the oil and gas industry

- Casing tubes, 14-3-1575-88, 42610-12 mm. Exclusive manufacturer.
- Stainless tubes, 9941, 120-1502-4,5; 160-2203-6, 220-4263-12 mm, . 081810, 1017132. Exclusive Manufacturer.

The most important contracts for the oil and gas industry over the past five years

Supplied products: steel pipes
Major customers: OJSC Gazprom, OJSC Transnet, OJSC NKRosneft, OJSC Surgutneftegaz, OJSC ANK Bashneft, OJSC Tatneft, OJSC TNK-BP Holding OJSC Russneft, OJSC Sibneft.

Customer feedback process and after-sales service

Customer feedback processes are in place to improve product quality.

Own development of company

Information on the company was not provided

Oil and Gas Industry Supplier Base