System of material maintenance

Procurement Department is in charge of procuring materials and equipment to Bashneft, OJSC.

Vice-President in Capital Construction and Procurement – Dmitry Viktorovich Ryabchenko
30, bld.1, K.Marks str., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, 450077
Phone number: (347) 261-61-61; fax number: (347) 261-62-62
Official website:

Competitive tender announcement 
Competitive tender results 
Sales of unclaimed materials and equipment 

ANK Bashneft, OJSC has begun to hold with the help of e-trading tools. The B2B-Bashneft trading platform has been developed within the Unified Electronic Trade System "2-Center" ( specifically for the purpose.  
To become participant of the etrade platform tenderers need to:
1. Get a registration at
2. Make a contract for participation in the research and information and trading and operating system with the trading platform operator (Center for economic development, OJSC)
3. Receive an Electronic digital signature (EDS) at a certifying center.

System rules and regulations
Unified system regulations
   This section includes the Unified system regulations and a Glossary of terms.
User manual – Section within the system
User manual – User account
User manual – Trading platform
   The section includes presentation materials relating to procurement management using the system  
Electronic workflow management and EDS application regulations
Regulations on work with electronic bank guarantee
Regulations on bidding involving sales of debtors' assets (company)
   The section includes Regulations on holding open tenders in electronic form involving sales of debtors' assets (company) via procedures applied in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.

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