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Modernization of oil&gas refinery conference will be held on September, 11 in Moscow


The IV annual conference«Modernization of oil&gas refinery» (Neftegazopererabotka-2014)will be held inIntercontinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel on September, 11 2014.
The general topic of the upcoming conference is import reduction in oil&gasrefinery sector. Representatives of oil&gas companies will make reportsregarding new projects, suppliers and contactors opportunities in Russia. Licensors and equipment suppliers will tell customers about new products and business strategies in new conditions in Russia. During discussion customers will reply to manufacturers’ queries.     
Topics for discussion:
  • Projects review of modernization of RUSSIAN oil and gas refinery;
  • Strategies of RUSSIAN oil companies in import dependence reduction realization;
  • Problems and ways of solution of RUSSIAN technologies and catalyst development;
  • Work perspectives of Foreign licensors and catalyst manufacturers in Russia;
  • Rating summarization of RUSSIAN oil companies survey of evaluation products suppliers for modernization of oil&gas refinery;
  • Informational maintenance of the market – information disclosure of Russian companies abilities, investment projects in oil&gas sector;
  • Role of federal executive authorities in problems solution of import substitution in oil&gas refinery sector. 
The annual conference «Modernization of oil&gas refinery» helps to make business contacts and mutual understanding between customers and contractors.
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